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Forthright Winery

Sel "Fich", Owner

Sel was born, raised and educated in the Netherlands. He received his International MBA from Erasmus in Rotterdam and has worked for years in finance. He has lived in England, France, Switzerland and has travelled extensively around Europe, appreciating wine and visiting numerous wineries.

Sel’s relationship with wine started during a stint in Toulouse, France. A bottle of wine was cheaper than water in these days, which made his choice of hydration easy.  His true passion was ignited when a crazy French boss of his, with whom he had bonded over a love of Calvin & Hobbes, sent Sel to a French wine & cheese course.

That was the tipping point for him. So many years later, when he had the opportunity to be part of Forthright, he did not think twice about it.

The day-to-day contribution to the business from Sel is extremely limited. He claims to be the ‘jack of no trades and master of none’ person on the team. He currently resides in London, England.